February 22 - 23

@ Make School SF

What is SRC Hacks?

SRC Hacks is a 24-hour long hackathon where students from all around California come to create and show off their own software & hardware projects. We provide a venue, food, drinks, swag, etc. all at no cost to ensure every attendee has the best experience possible while building their projects!

This Year's Prizes

Grand Prize: Apple Watch Series 3's
2nd Place: Google Home Minis
3rd Place: Thinkboards
More Special-Category Prizes To Be Announced The Day Of The Hackathon!

Last Event's Stats


Hackers Attended



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Mentors & Judges


Who can participate?

This event is limited to high school students. If you have graduated from high school, you can only apply to be a mentor.

Does this cost money?

Everything is 100% free! Check below for info on travel reimbursements.

What if I can't code?

No problem! We will be hosting many workshops to help new hackers learn valuable skills and create their own original projects!

What should I bring?

You'll need a laptop (and charger!) to work on your project, and a Photo ID is required to sign in. See this checklist for other suggestions!

How many people can be in a team?

A maximum of four people are allowed to be on one team.

Are travel reimbursements available?

Yes! While we cannot provide direct accomodation for travel expenses, you can apply for Execute Big's Travel Grant to join us without having to pay for travel! Applications must be submitted at least 3 weeks before the event.

Is there a Code of Conduct?

All attendees are expected to comply with our Code of Conduct.

I have another question...

If you have a question, do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]. Feel free to also contact us on our Twitter, Instagram, or Discord.

Event Schedule*

First Day, Saturday

Time Event
8:30 AM Check-in Begins
9:30 AM Opening Ceremony
10:30 AM Hacking Begins!
10:30 AM Team Mixer
12:00 PM Lunch Served
1:00 PM Intro to Game Development Workshop
Hosted by Make School
2:30 PM iOS Development With Swift Workshop
Hosted by Make School
5:30 PM Dinner Served
6:30 PM Cup Stacking
7:30 PM Programming Contest Registration
8:00 PM Programming Contest
10:00 PM Smash Tournament

Second Day, Sunday

Time Event
12:00 AM Midnight Snack
9:00 AM Submissions Due!
9:00 AM Breakfast Served
9:15 AM Judges Arrive
9:30 AM Judging Begins
11:30 AM Judging Ends
12:00 PM Winners Announced & Closing Ceremony
12:30 PM Hackathon Concludes

*Schedule subject to change at any time without notice.

Guest Speakers

Michael Francisco

Co-founder and CTO

Quantea Inc.


Pinn Janvatanavit

Founder & CEO


Vidya Sankar


Machine Learning Labs

Pranay Suresh

Engineer @ Bolt

Former Tech Lead, Tesla

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Don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]!




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Lead Director

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Logistics Team

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